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Don Reid

"Hi I'm Don Reid"

Most of my life I’ve been a traveler. It started when I was 18 and my parents palmed me off to the Navy.

They needed a break and hoped some discipline would sort me out. Joining the Navy is somewhat akin to going to jail. It’s not so much about discipline, it’s more about the further education you get from the guys who have been there longer than you.

Anyway, it did me good and I always look back on the experience with a fond heart.

I did all the usual things, got married to my high school sweetheart, produced two awesome kids, got rich, went broke, got rich again, got divorced and went broke again.

In 2009 I decided to pack it all in, suburbia was not my thing and set off on a backpacking trip around Turkey with my kids and my now son in law.

Since then I’ve been to tons of places, some of which you can read about on this blog.

Don Reid, Author/Entrepreneur